A Paradise in the Heart of Yerevan

Come Experience Authentic Armenian Cuisine

Located by the Botanical Garden of Yerevan


Drakht Restaurant has been serving locals and tourists for over 25 years. Its unique atmosphere, located right by the Botanical Garden of Yerevan, and its fresh cuisine has earned Drakht Restaurant its reputation as a hidden paradise in Yerevan.

Serving an exquisite selection of Armenian and European cuisine, Drakht Restaurant is an ideal destination for private events and family gatherings. Its beautiful authentic Armenian decor makes Drakht Restaurant a must visit for everyone.

In 2017, Drakht Restaurant was awarded with the National Trust Award, voted by industry leaders and the general population.


Celebrate Your Special Event With Us
Drakht Restaurant has been recognized as the ideal location for special events, from family gatherings, to weddings and baptism,
Drakht Restaurant is the perfect destination for private events.